Welcome to the demo for Microdeal Factory, a Microworker Extension for Joomla!

Start your microjob website in just a few clicks using Joomla and Microdeal Auction Factory. This is one of the best Joomla based solutions for creating an out-of-the-box Fiverr.com clone!

There is an outstanding demand for fixed priced deal websites, where people can sell various goods and services through your website and you can earn Commissions from every completed job!

You can easily install our extension as any other Joomla extension and you also get the full support of our Joomla specialists!

Test the extension now ! Log in using the quick login buttons and you can even inspect the backend administration!

Here is a short list of the features you get with this extension

  • 100% Open Source - you can change any part of the code!
  • You can set any fixed price (not just 5$ as in this demo)
  • You can allow individual Prices for the Jobs (different from the fixed price)
  • You can configure any commission rate you like
  • Payments go through PayPal, moneybookers, etc
  • Full escrow integrated through the site
  • Full integrated messaging system for your users
  • Full integrated commenting system
  • Jobs completion rating
  • You can integrate video URLs into your Job description
  • Money withdrawals for your users through the site
  • Setup any currency
  • Set User Levels according to the number of completed jobs
  • Email notification for events on the site
  • Report abusive or offensive jobs
  • User ratings and reviews


Your Users can post all sorts of jobs 

Every Job can have various fields - description and video feed